Dear Abby

dear abby,

her name was joanne and she
looked at me with that
beau­ti­ful smile of hers and
told me that i was a
veryvery­wicked thing
but it didn’t real­ly matter
because she quite enjoyed it
as a mat­terof fact
and i agreed
because i thought
it was good­fun too and i liked it
even more and i was also kin­da hoping
that we could do it again
now we go around­to­geth­er and have
lots of good­fun doing it
and she still quite enjoys it and
i like it even more and we
do it quite often but now it
doesn’t seem to be quite so veryverywicked.

so what i’m writ­ing to ask you dear abby
is how can we put
some more of that
wicked­ness back into our fun? 

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