About the backend

Here are some basics about the karaoke​po​etry.com backend. I thought I’d put this in, not only as a thank you to the various people who spend their time creating amazing themes and plug-​ins, but also as a guide for those inter­ested in what goes into a wordpress install like this.

The theme I’ve used is “The Erudite” by Matt Wiebe of Soma Design in Winnipeg. It’s a fantastic simple typography-​based theme, allowing me to focus on the words and word design. I’ve had to hack it here and there to allow for the strange ways that I like to lay out words, but the code is robust and hasn’t broken yet. Great job, Matt, and thanks. I recom­mend a visit to Matt’s site somade​sign.ca to check out what he’s doing.

I’m using a few plug-​ins to do various things at both the backend and the frontend of the site. I find the following very useful, but am always open to new and/or better plug- ins.

Of course, the contact page is very neces­sary and impor­tant, especially if I want people to contact me. I use Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi to enable this capability. It’s simple and flexible and I use it on a number of sites.

One of the require­ments for “The Erudite” was to also do an instal­la­tion of the wp-​Hyphenate and wp-​typogrify plug-​ins. These were neat little plug-​ins that allowed typographic elements to be used. However, they’ve both merged to become wp-​Typography by Jeffrey D. King who also created wp-​Hyphenate, so I guess I’m going to have to upgrade. Thanks goes out to Hamish Macpherson for creating wp-​Typogrify in the first place.

I use the WP Title 2 plug-​in by Hristo Chakarov to add a custom heading that’s different from the title for use in page links. Nifty and worth using.

To give me some protec­tion against the inevitable cut-and-paste raiders, I’m using WP-​Content Protector by Anurag. I’ve hacked the code a bit as it was inserting a link back to the creator which threw the typog­raphy and layout off balance. I think the inclu­sion of this link should make up for removing that.

Origi­nally The Erudite theme had some issues with analytics code escaping (!), so to get around this I began using Ultimate Google Analytics by Wilfred van der Deijl, a very simple but effec­tive plug-​in. The analytics code problem was later fixed in The Erudite, but I’ve continued using Ultimate Google Analytics, mainly because it’s good and it works.

And then, last of all, none of this would be possible without WordPress. What more can I say, other than if you want an easy to use and highly flexible blogging platform, you can’t do any better. It’s easy to install and work out how to use, even if you know nothing about code. Of course, it all takes time but it’s worth it. And it’s free.

And that’s about it.

Boz Cappie