Boz Cappie

Boz Cappie was born in Aotearoa/New Zealand. He escaped during the undeclared civil war of 1981 by swimming the Tasman Sea to Sydney, an unlikely feat that has gone totally unnoticed in the record books.

He has, at various stages of his life, been a petrol pump atten­dant, fruit­picker, student, writer, labourer, quality controller, cook, gallery owner, screen­printer, graphic designer, illus­trator, painter, sculptor, performing poet, univer­sity lecturer, entre­pre­neur, multi­media artist, traveller, programmer, unemployed bum, dreamer, software trainer, philoso­pher of the people, manager, builder of things, ideas person, website creator, systems and business analyst, producer, project manager, writer and general all-​round good guy, although not neces­sarily in that order.

He currently lives in Sydney near an octopus’s garden, but not in the shade.