Karaoke poetry is a meeting place for some of the poems, writing, ideas and miscel­la­neous collec­tions of words that I’ve thought about, contem­plated, written, typed or scrib­bled down on scraps of paper since what only seems like yesterday. In reality, it’s been a lot longer than that, although my concepts of time might be different than yours.

Some poems have been published previ­ously in books, a lot of them have been performed live at various readings and gigs (mostly in pubs), and some of the writing has been released into the wild only on the day it first appears here in karaoke poetry.

Many of the poems and writings in karaoke poetry are in a constant state of shapeshifting. Words and turns of phrase that sounded great to me 15 years (or even two days) ago suddenly don’t look quite so hot in the cold, harsh flicker of the computer screen. As a result, some of the poems may change between visits. Or they may not. Reality is much the same, I guess.

Why karaoke poetry? I guess it’s because I like the idea of poetry and writing being performed stand up - read out aloud in front of a partic­i­pating audience, the poem comes alive because of the atten­tion given it, even if, in the end, it’s like bad karaoke and the applause is as loud as the flame of a match extin­guished in the rain. I like the idea of total strangers getting up and reading out aloud the writing of the poets that have made an impact on them and in their lives. Some poems might be familiar to the audience, some might not. Much like karaoke.

I hope you enjoy karaoke poetry. One day you may see it performed live somewhere at a place near you.