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Karaoke poetry is run purely for the purposes of me showing off my writing in the probably futile hope that one day you might like a book if I ever get around to compiling and publishing one. I’ll add to it as often as I can find time to, which may not be that often. Please don’t expect updates every day or even every week, as it’s not going to happen.

No liability is accepted for the failure of any of the poems, writing, graphics or other figments of imagi­na­tion published on this website to perform to any expected or other­wise standards of writing, grammar or ideas. Ideas and concepts presented in karaoke​po​ (“karaoke poetry”) may alter your thinking or it may not. I cannot be held respon­sible for anything that you may say, write or do after visiting this website and cannot be held liable for any actions you may or may not perform as a result of your visit. You visit this website at your own risk and acknowl­edge that by remaining on the site. If you don’t want to accept these terms then please leave the site now.

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Karaoke poetry trademark & copyright claim

I claim copyright and trade­mark rights over the phrase “karaoke poetry” under inter­na­tional trade­mark law. I have been using the words “karaoke poetry” to describe a poetry form since 1998, and since 2003 I have regis­tered and used the domain name “karaoke​po​”. The fact that this website is viewable in the country in which you are currently domiciled estab­lishes, under national and inter­na­tional law, my copyright and trade­mark claims for that partic­ular country, regard­less of which country it may be.

I am more than happy to give permis­sion to let others use the term “karaoke poetry” for partic­ular purposes, but only on condi­tion that permis­sion is sought and given. Please use the contact page to make a request.
Contents of this website © copyright 1979-2018 Boz Cappie.
The phrase “karaoke poetry” is © copyright 1998-2018 Boz Cappie.
“karaoke poetry” is a trade­mark (TM) of Boz Cappie in use since 1998.
“karaoke​po​” is a trade­mark (TM) of Boz Cappie in use since 2003.